Canon imagePROGRAF GP-5300 Driver Downloads, Review

Canon imagePROGRAF GP-5300 Driver Downloads, Review — This imagePROGRAF GP-5300 is the 36inch pennant printer with PANTONE™ change passes wide concealing reach and vivacious tones on to make persuading notification and standards updated by fluorescent tones.

  • Ideal for high enhanced visualization pennant printing
  • 5 tones + fluorescent pink ink
  • More modest impression
  • 500 GB hard plate drive
  • Full association organization and Direct USB printing

Industry Standard Coverage
Despite the consideration of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated which is used in a wide extent of purposes, the new imagePROGRAF GP-5300 has been conceded the world's first PANTONE-adjusted license for PANTONE PASTELS and NEONS GUIDE Coated, which joins fluorescent and pastel tones.

Borderless Printing
Borderless printing can be achieved on standard and custom width for each and every maintained medium. The printer is furthermore fit for three-sided edge-to-edge engraving on various sizes that don't match the roll paper width. This grants more prominent flexibility in borderless printing task as borderless print of various sizes can be conveyed from a single roll of media.

The LUCIA TD conceal inks, including the fluorescent pink ink, offer a wide concealing reach and high concealing execution, making fiery and eye-getting tones from pastels to neon assortments.

FINE Print Head
Outfitted with micron-sized spouts, the totally consolidated print head gives splendid consistency of ink thickness and tones, while multi-pass printing ensures most imperative print quality is stayed aware of on each print.

L-COA PRO Image Processing Engine
L-COA PRO imaging processor is prepared for taking care of colossal picture data, drives high printing speed while staying aware of unique print quality, engaging fast first print out time and steady printing speed.

Non-Firing Detection and Compensation System
Outfitted with in-gathered sensor, the non-ending ID and pay system checks the ink send off from print head spouts and when a blockage is perceived, another spout subsequently gives support. This hinders banding and decreases the repeat of print head cleaning required.

Splendid Infusion
The new Radiant Infusion development allows the fluorescent ink to be by and large layered on the paper surface close by various inks, for instance, yellow and maroon, which helps with making the print stunning and clear by taking advantage of the light radiation from the fluorescent ink. Hence, colors that are trying to copy with a customary liquid inkjet printer are conveyed unmistakably and splendidly. Basic creation of high-influence plans can be achieved.
Price: Around Unknown, find it here or here.
Canon imagePROGRAF GP-5300 Driver Downloads, Review

Canon imagePROGRAF GP-5300 Driver Downloads, Review

This driver is suitable for this platform:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Mac OS X

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  4. Open the driver file, select the language that you want if available. If it is not available, you can request it to the provider of this page of course, then follow the instructions contained in the driver;
  5. After the driver is installed correctly, then just press the Finish button;
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  • OS X 10.13/10.14/10.15/11/12 click here;
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