Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver Download, Review And Price

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver Download, Review And Price — Experience profoundly beneficial business printing with this MegaTank MAXIFY GX7050 which utilizing high return, refillable ink tanks. Depend on business quality prints and an amazingly low complete expense of proprietorship. Ideal for organizations that need a high volume of ease shading prints from a smaller and exceptional 4-in-1 multifunctional framework - with a paper limit of up to 600 sheets, 50-sheet duplex archive feeder and low Total expense of proprietorship.

Саnоn МАХІFY GX7050 Rеfіllаblе 4-іn-1 Рrіntеr Кеу Fеаturеѕ: 
  • А hіgh-уіеld, rеlіаblе and соmрасt оffісе рrіntеr 
  • А hugе 600-ѕhееt рареr сарасіtу 
  • 4-іn-1 рrіntеr thаt аllоwѕ уоu tо рrіnt, сору, ѕсаn аnd fах 
  • 50-ѕhееt аutо-duрlех АDF (аutо dосumеnt fееdеr) 
  • Оffеrѕ 24 ірm blасk аnd 15.5 іn соlоur 
  • Ѕuреr-fаѕt, еffісіеnt, аnd соѕt-еffесtіvе рrіntіng 
  • Аutо 2-ѕіdеd dосumеnt соруіng 
  • Ѕсаn dіrесt tо а Uѕв, еmаіl оr nеtwоrk fоldеr 
  • Іntuіtіvе аnd еаѕу-tо-uѕе 6.9сm LСD tоuсhѕсrееn 
  • Dіvеrѕе mеdіа uѕе е.g. glоѕѕу, ѕеmі-glоѕѕ, mаgnеtіс ѕhееtѕ 
  • Аllоwѕ bаnnеr рrіntіng uр tо 1.2m іn lеngth 
  • Іntеgrаtеd hіgh сарасіtу аnd rеfіllаblе іnk tаnkѕ 
  • Еаѕіlу rерlасеаblе іnk rеduсеѕ dоwntіmе 
  • Есоnоmу mоdе рrіntѕ uр tо 1.5 tіmеѕ mоrе раgеѕ 
  • WіFі аnd Еthеrnеt соnnесtіvіtу 
  • Рrіnt, ѕсаn, сору vіа thе Саnоn РRІNТ арр аnd Ріхма Сlоud Lіnk

Low costs that stay low
With these colossal page yields, costs stay low: 14,000 pages with a bunch of shading ink bottles or 6,000 pages with a dark ink bottle. Furthermore, in efficient mode you can even outfit to 1.5 occasions as numerous pages and save much more.

Perpetual archives - in a rush
With 4 color inks you print top notch business records that are marker and scraped spot safe. With 24 ISO pages each moment clearly and 15.5 ISO pages each moment in shading, you get pin-sharp records - and the principal page is in the yield plate in only 7 seconds. With the pragmatic business capacities like sweep to-USB, email or organization envelopes and the giving of print endorsements for specific clients, the work process during printing can be effortlessly coordinated.

Minimized but then very incredible
With it, even complex positions are done effectively: programmed duplex record feeder for up to 50 sheets, 6.9 cm shading touchscreen, huge paper limit of up to 600 sheets (2 x 250-sheet tape and back feeder for up to 100 sheets ), Compatibility with different print media like reflexive, matt-gleaming, or attractive photograph paper just as envelopes and even standards with a length of up to 1.2 m.

Augmented proficiency
You are accomplishing something for the climate with energy-effective inkjet printing and high return ink bottles that permit you to print more pages and consequently diminish squander. Also, a client replaceable upkeep cartridge limits personal time so the printer is consistently accessible.

All around associated
Print, output, duplicate and interface with the cloud with the Canon PRINT application and PIXMA Cloud Link just as immediate printing from cell phones by means of AirPrint (iOS) and Mopria (Android). LAN availability offers extra security and solidness when incorporated into an organization. Backing for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WLAN groups guarantees a dependable remote association.
Price: Around €699.00, find it here or here and here.

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver Download, Review And Price

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver Download, Review And Price

This driver is suitable for this platform:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver Download, Review And Price - Installation Guide :

To run this driver smoothly, please follow the instructions that listed below :
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  2. Connect the printer/scanner's cable directly to the device, such as a computer or laptop;
  3. Prepare the driver's file that suitable to your printer/scanner and please concern, for those of you who don't have the driver or lost it, just download it directly under this instruction (we assume that you already have fulfilled the policy agreement or end user license agreement from our website and driver's manufacturer);
  4. Open the driver file, select the language that you want if available. If it is not available, you can request it to the provider of this page of course, then follow the instructions contained in the driver;
  5. After the driver is installed correctly, then just press the Finish button;
  6. Congratulations! Your printer/scanner can be used now, you are welcome to like, or subscribe our website and find the various reviews about the printer/scanner and driver. Happy printing!
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